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Health Topics

Health Topics help you find information and articles on a variety of topics ranging from A to Z. Some of these articles have been written by the physicians and staff of the Canandaigua Medical Group and some are on other sites on the Internet.


General Health Topics
Obstetrics-Gynecology Health Topics
Pediatrics Health Topics
Surgery Health Topics


Your doctor knows you and your family best. Nothing takes the place of talking directly with your doctor about your health and questions that you have. The information provided here is not medical care or treatment and is not specific to your situation. You need to contact your own doctor for your medical care.

To see helpful information regarding finding quality health information on the Internet see the web site of the Medical Library Association. They have listed Resources for Health Consumers.

The information provided on these pages is to help you understand your health and illness. The health information is provided by doctors, nurses and other reliable sources.