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Surgery Health Topics

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Ambulatory anesthesia -WWW Site
Description of anesthesia for ambulatory or outpatient surgery.

Anal Fissure -WWW Site
Description and treatment form the American Association of Colon and Rectal Surgery

Appendicitis -WWW Site

Colorectal Cancer Screening -WWW Site
Tests are used to screen for different types of cancer.

Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis -CMG Article
Article written by Brendan Brady, M.D. to help understand diverticulosis and diverticulitis.

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy -WWW Site
Describes procedureof flexible sigmoidoscopy for diagnosis of intestinal disease.

Gastric Bypass Surgery -WWW Site
Description of this procedure by WebMD.

General Information About Rectal Cancer -WWW Site

Hemorrhoids -WWW Site
Describes the symptoms, diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatments for this common disorder

Inguinal Hernia -WWW Site
Description of symptoms and treatment from the Mayo Clinic.

Intraductal Cancer (DCIS) -CMG Article

Melanoma -WWW Site

Moles and Dysplastic Nevi -WWW Site

Orthopedic Surgery -WWW Site
Source of information regarding the specialty of orthopedic surgery. Has numerous fact sheets about des eases and conditions relating to this orthopedics.

Pain Medications After Surgery -WWW Site

Prostate Cancer -WWW Site

Sigmoidoscopy -WWW Site
Sigmoidoscopy is an internal examination of the lower large bowel (colon), using an instrument called a sigmoidoscope. The sigmoidoscope is a small camera attached to a flexible tube. It is inserted into the colon to examine the rectum, and the sigmoid and descending portions of the colon.

Vasectomy -WWW Site
Vasectomy is a simple operation designed to make a man sterile, or unable to biologically father a child.

What is Neurosurgery -WWW Site
Descriptionof this surgical speciality from MedLine

What to Know Before Surgery -WWW Site
Consumer information listing questions for patients to ask their doctor and surgeon before having elective surgery to help decide whether to have surgery.

Your Gallbladder: Its Role in Health and Disease -CMG Article