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Parents and Kids

We are pleased to announce that our pediatric department recently joined the Rochester Obesity Collaborative, a group of teams from many local pediatric offices working together with experts from the University of Rochester to help our patients and their families lead healthier lifestyles and improve fitness. An important step in this process is learning about the 5-2-1-0 lifestyle, which involves making gradual changes that have been shown to reduce obesity.

You can learn more about this lifestyle HERE and at these websites beahealthyhero.org and jumpupandgo.org . At your next visit to our office take some time to view the colorful displays in our waiting and exam rooms. They were designed to help our patients make healthy dietary choices and find fun ways to incorporate exercise into daily activities. We hope you enjoy them!

List of PediatricTopics

KidsFor your children there is a Just For Kids section that has appropriate educational information to help your children learn about health and a Parents page of resources for family health, education and fun. Learn tips to help you buy the safe toys for your child.

Articles regarding growth and development of children written by Dr. David Ragonesi - These include information that is useful at each age range from newborn to 10 years of age. The well child visit and immunizations given at each visit are also discussed.

15% of American youth 6-19 are now overweight according to the Centers for Disease Control. "The prevalence of overweight adolescents 12-19 has nearly tripled in the past two decades." --U.S. Surgeon General, December 2002. We have put together a list of websites that will help you control the weight of your children. We also have information regarding nutrition and fitness in children and teens.

If your child is starting kindergarten, going back to school or taking part in a school sport we have a page that discusses the New York State required physical examinations and immunizations.

See a description of some of the illnesses that are more common when kids go back to school.